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Variant of palanca, phalanga.


planca f (genitive plancae); first declension (Late Latin)

  1. slat, plank
    • c. 500 CE, Palladius, Opus agriculturae I.XXI:
      Boves nitidiores fient, si focum proxime habeant et lumen intendant. Octo pedes ad spatium standi singulis boum paribus abundant et in porrectione quindecim. Plancae roboreae subponantur stationibus equorum cum stramine, ut iacentibus molle sit, stantibus durum.
      The cattle is mannered better if they have the fire close and attain light. Eight feet of room for a pair of bovines if they stand and fifteen if they lie. Oak planks should be laid into the stables with straw, so the lying flanks have it soft and the standing hooves hard.


First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative planca plancae
Genitive plancae plancārum
Dative plancae plancīs
Accusative plancam plancās
Ablative plancā plancīs
Vocative planca plancae


  • Old French: planche, planke, planque
    • Anglo-Norman: planke (see there for further descendants)
    • French: planche (see there for further descendants)
    • Norman: plianche
  • Portuguese: chanca, prancha (via French)
  • Sicilian: chianca
  • Spanish: plancha (via French)


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