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plum +‎ -y. In the sense of a voice, because of the supposed similarity to speaking with a plum in one's mouth.


plummy ‎(comparative plummier, superlative plummiest)

  1. Of, pertaining to, containing, or characteristic of plums
  2. (informal) desirable; profitable; advantageous
    For the sake of getting something plummy. — G. Eliot.
  3. (of a voice) rich, mellow and carefully articulated, especially with an upper-class accent
    • 2014 March 31, Roger Cohen, “The case for Scotland”[1], The New York Times:
      The fact that David Cameron, the conservative prime minister, is a plummy-voiced, Eton-educated, upper-class Brit from central casting has played into [Alex] Salmond's hands.

Derived terms[edit]