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Blend of plutocracy +‎ democracy


  • IPA(key): /ˌplutoʊdɪˈmɒkɹəsi/
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plutodemocracy (plural plutodemocracies)

  1. (politics) A deceptive pseudodemocratic government that is in fact a hypercapitalist plutocracy.
    • 1974, Maurice Duverger, Modern democracies: economic power versus political power, link
      The old ruling classes were no longer the major obstacles to the development of plutodemocracy; they were replaced by the new oppressed class, the proletariat, which was beginning to become sufficiently powerful to threaten capitalism.
    • 1977, Harold Joseph Laski, The American democracy: a commentary and an interpretation, link
      It can no more survive as a plutodemocracy than it could, before the Civil War, survive half slave and half free.
    • 1992, Asahi Shinbunsha, Japan quarterly: Volume 39; Volume 39, link
      If the people are the basis of money politics, then Japan must be a plutodemocracy.
    • 2010, Jonathan Littell, The Kindly Ones: A Novel, page 506
      Reds, sweeping aside the garbage of plutodemocracy, and dissolving the bourgeois parties, I remained stuck in France.

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