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  1. simple past and past participle of pockmark


pockmarked (comparative more pockmarked, superlative most pockmarked)

  1. having pockmarks
  2. pitted, or scarred with holes
    • 2012 September 7, Dominic Fifield, “England start World Cup campaign with five-goal romp against Moldova”, in The Guardian[1]:
      After all the trepidation born of Holland's toils home and away against these opponents in qualification for Euro 2012, and the pockmarked nature of the pitch, this was exposed as a mismatch from the opening exchanges.
    • 2020 May 20, Philip Haigh, “Ribblehead: at the heart of the S&C's survival and its revival”, in Rail, page 26:
      For SAC66 is better known as Batty Moss (or Ribblehead) Viaduct - the magnificent, Grade 2-listed, 24-arch structure that strides over the pockmarked ground between Ribblehead station and Blea Moor signal box.
  3. incomplete, lacking, having holes
    The student had, at best, a pockmarked understanding of the subject matter.