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From politician +‎ -ie (diminutive suffix).


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pollie (plural pollies)

  1. (Australia, informal) A politician.
    • 2006, Shane Webcke, Ian Heads, Warhorse, page 99,
      I think politics attracts a particular type of person – and I don′t think I′m one of those. The pollies certainly need to be very dedicated and to be prepared to invest huge amounts of their time.
    • 2009, Laurie Oakes, Power Plays: The Real Stories of Australian Politics, 2011, Read How You Want, page iii,
      And I blamed media training, which resulted in mantra politics. (‘Ignore the questions,’ the pollies are told. ‘Keep repeating the message.’)
    • 2009, David Daniel, Rough as Guts, page 177,
      On another surveillance flight I accompanied a prominent pollie of the day, a big, bluff, ruddy-faced Minister.