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poly- +‎ sectarian


polysectarian (comparative more polysectarian, superlative most polysectarian)

  1. Composed of many sects.
    • 1919, The Dublin Review, Ed. Nicholas Patrick Wiseman, publ. W. Spooner, v.165, pg. 151:
      In time it became as impossible for polyglot and polysectarian America to provide a common religious standard for her public schools as for her Army or her railways.
    • 1974, Pakistan Horizon, Pakistan Institute of International Affairs, v.27, pg. 19:
      The reason for this are to be found in the polysectarian nature of Lebanon with the largest sect being a minority of the total population.
    • 2007, George Mousourakis, A Legal History of Rome, ISBN 9780415408943, pg. 156:
      However, Byzantium, like the Roman Empire, remained a polyglot, multinational and polysectarian state during the greater part of its existence.