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Polystoechotes punctatus


polystoechotid (plural polystoechotids)

  1. (zoology) Any insect of the giant lacewing family, Polystoechotidae.
    • 1987, Ronald Hamlyn-Harris, Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, Volume 25, page 446,
      If L. lineata is considered a polystoechotid, then the position of the primary fork of MP does not necessarily indicate that the two specimens are forewings [] .
    • 1997, Walter Creighton Brown, Species of the Guentheri group of Platymantis (Amphibia: Ranidae) from the Philippines, Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, Volume 50, page 87,
      Polystoechotids, or giant lacewings, are among the largest of North American neuropterans, and among the least known.
    • 2002, Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, page 175,
      Many have been collected around camp fires. Polystoechotids are also taken at lights in remote areas.