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poly- +‎ syllable


polysyllable (plural polysyllables)

  1. A word with more than two syllables. Sometimes used in a more restricted sense.
    • 1982, Donald Hall, To Read Poetry[1], page 83:
      For instance, words can differ in length, and we can rhyme a monosyllable with a polysyllable, like tracks with haversacks.
    • 1992, Samuel Elmo Martin, Reference Grammar of Korean:
      In the Phyengan dialect, wuy developed into wi but at the end of a polysyllable it often dropped the -y to become wu (ibid): Tang-nakwu = Tang-nakwi 'donkey'
    • 1998, Albert Joseph, Put It In Writing[2], page 81:
      The third syllable of provided is ed, and therefore the verb is not a polysyllable.

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