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Skolt Sami[edit]


From Proto-Samic *porëttētēk. Equivalent to poorrâd +‎ -ted.



  1. to feed


Odd â-stem, no gradation
infinitive poorted
1st sing. present poortam
1st sing. past poortem
infinitive poorted
present participle poorteei
past participle poortam
present indicative past indicative imperative
1st singular poortam poortem
2nd singular poortak poortiǩ poorât
3rd singular poorat poorti poortââǥǥas
1st plural poortep poortim poortâkap
2nd plural poorteʹped poortid poorteʹǩed
3rd plural poorte poorte poortâkaz
4th person poortet poorteš
connegative poorât poortam poorât
conditional potential
1st singular poorteʹčem poorteʹžem
2nd singular poorteʹčiǩ poorteʹžiǩ
3rd singular poorteʹči poortež
1st plural poorteʹčim poorteʹžep
2nd plural poorteʹčid poorteʹžid
3rd plural poorteʹče poorteʹže
4th person poorteʹčeš poorteʹžet
connegative poorteʹče poorteʹže