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power broker (plural power brokers)

  1. A person or group having the ability to influence important decisions, especially in public policy, politics, and business.
    • 1969 Jan. 3, "Men of the Year," Time:
      In France, a near-revolution by students and workers came close to toppling Charles de Gaulle in May; its economic aftermath in November almost certainly discredited forever Gaullism's vaunted role as the power broker of Europe.
    • 1988, Lewis B. Ware et al., Low-Intensity Conflict in the Third World, Air Univ. Press, →ISBN, p. 139:
      Gen Ali Murtopo—vice chairman of Indonesia's Supreme Advisory Council, former information minister, a major power broker in and out of the army—declared after a meeting with the president that the killings were justified.
    • 2007 Sep. 16, Louise Armitstead, "Qataris to seal bid for Nasdaq’s LSE stake," The Sunday Times (UK):
      The Qatar government, which runs the QIA, will become a major power-broker in determining the future of the London exchange.


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