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præface (plural præfaces)

  1. Obsolete spelling of preface
    • 1607, Edward Topsell, Historie of Four-Footed Beastes; quoted in:
    • 1890, John Ashton, Curious Creatures in Zoology: with 130 Illustrations Throughout the Text, “The Rhinoceros” (2008 reprint; Ulwencreutz Media,; ISBN 9781409231844
      But for my part, which write the English story, I acknowledge that no man must looke for that at my hands, which I have not received from some other: for I would bee unwilling to write anything untrue, or uncertaine out of mine owne invention; and truth on every part is so deare unto mee, that I will not lie to bring any man in love and admiration with God and his works, for God needeth not the lies of men: To conlude, therefore, this Præface, as the beast is strange, and never seene in our countrey, so my eyesight cannot adde anything to the description; therefore harken unto that which I have observed out of other writers.


præface (third-person singular simple present præfaces, present participle præfacing, simple past and past participle præfaced)

  1. Obsolete spelling of preface




præface f (plural præfaces)

  1. Obsolete form of préface.
    • 1628, Sébastien Roulliard, Melun ou l'Histoire de la Ville de Melun, page 137:
      Voila ce que contient en ſommaire, la præface de cette loy Salique: []

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