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From French précaution, Latin praecautio, from praecavere, praecautum ‎(to guard against beforehand); prae ‎(before) + cavere ‎(be on one's guard). See pre-, and caution.



precaution ‎(plural precautions)

  1. Previous caution or care; caution previously employed to prevent mischief or secure good; as, his life was saved by precaution.
    • John Henry Newman
      The ancient philosophers treasured up their supposed discoveries with miserable precaution.
  2. A measure taken beforehand to ward off evil or secure good or success; a precautionary act.
    to take precautions against risks of accident

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precaution ‎(third-person singular simple present precautions, present participle precautioning, simple past and past participle precautioned)

  1. (transitive): To warn or caution beforehand. --Locke.
  2. (transitive, rare): To take precaution against. --John Dryden.