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pre- +‎ visit


previsit (not comparable)

  1. Prior to a visit.
    • 1960, Richard H. Blum, The management of the doctor-patient relationship, page 152:
      The importance and nature of the patient's previsit fantasies about the kind of relationship which will develop depends upon the social background and the personality of the patient.
    • 2004, Deborah L. Walker, ‎Sara M. Larch, ‎Elizabeth W. Woodcock, The Physician Billing Process, →ISBN:
      The previsit process is vital to ensuring accurate and timely receipt of information regarding the patient's ability to pay, yet many medical practices ignore this process.
    • 2010, Hazardous Waste Management, →ISBN Invalid ISBN, page 341:
      Preaudit preparation will include obtaining previsit information from facilities targeted for auditing, preparing the audit plan, developing the audit protocol, and establishing a schedule.


previsit (plural previsits)

  1. A prior visit.
    • 1975, Brenda Van Zoost, Psychological Readings for the Dental Profession, page 42:
      Rosengarten brought children to the dentist for a previsit.
    • 2000, Administrative Register of Kentucky:
      No later than one (1) month prior to the scheduled on-site evaluation visit, the EPSB shall conduct a previsit to the institution to make a final review of the arrangements.
    • 2008, David Amadeus Panckeri, Love Is Lust First: An Autobiography of Passion, →ISBN, page 49:
      Maybe my awkward encounter in 1967 was really a previsit from Alessandra?


previsit (third-person singular simple present previsits, present participle previsiting, simple past and past participle previsited)

  1. To visit beforehand.
    • 1959, Vincent McGuire, Your student teaching in the secondary school, page 127:
      In order to develop a file that will be especially helpful to you during student teaching, try to previsit your cooperating teacher and find out what specific areas you will be teaching with him.
    • 2002, Barry Brown, ‎Nicola Green, ‎Richard Harper, Wireless world: social and interactional aspects of the mobile age, →ISBN:
      Virilio, and indeed McLuhan before him, have commented on the tendency to previsit locations, through one medium or another; to actually arrive somewhere is no longer surprising in the way that it was; and indeed Virilio suggests it is bcoming replaced by prevision.
    • 2007, Visual Arts Research - Volumes 64-65, page 94:
      Planning a museum tour requires the art teacher to previsit the museum and become familiar with the buildings and collections, select a particular exhibit that relates to a theme the teacher wants to teach, and prepare students for a visit.