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price +‎ -less


priceless (comparative more priceless, superlative most priceless)

  1. So precious as not to be sold at any price; invaluable.
  2. Treasured; held in high regard.
    • 2011 October 1, Saj Chowdhury, “Wolverhampton 1 - 2 Newcastle”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      Alan Pardew's current squad has been put together with a relatively low budget but the resolve and unity within the team is priceless.
  3. (informal) Hilariously amusing.
  4. (obsolete) Of no value; worthless.
    • 1905, Mrs. John Van Vorst & Marie Van Vorst, Mrs. Evremond, in Ainslee's Magazine, Vol XVI, September 1905, No. 2:
      "… he thought of his late friendship with anger and held it cheap, a priceless imitation for which perhaps he had given a pure jewel in stupid exchange."
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