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Alternative forms[edit]


Possibly for *provillium, *produillium, from duellum, bellum.



proelium n (genitive proeliī); second declension

  1. a battle, combat, conflict
  2. a warrior
  3. a contest, strife


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative proelium proelia
genitive proeliī proeliōrum
dative proeliō proeliīs
accusative proelium proelia
ablative proeliō proeliīs
vocative proelium proelia


Derived terms[edit]



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    • to provoke the enemy to battle: proelio (ad pugnam) hostes lacessere, provocare
    • to refrain from fighting: supersedere proelio
    • to demand loudly the signal to engage: signum proelii (committendi) exposcere (B. G. 7. 19)
    • to give the signal to engage: signum proelii dare
    • (1) to begin the battle, (2) to give battle: proelium committere
    • to engage: proelium inire (Liv. 2. 14)
    • to give battle: proelium facere
    • to give battle with a cavalry-division: proelio equestri contendere
    • to give battle with a cavalry-division: proelium equestre facere
    • to fight successfully: proelium facere secundum
    • to fight successfully: proeliis secundis uti
    • to interrupt the battle: proelium intermittere
    • to break off the fight: proelium dirimere (B. C. 1. 40)
    • to renew the battle with success: proelium restituere
    • to begin the fight again: proelium renovare, redintegrare
    • to give up the fight: proelium deserere
    • to fight a decisive battle: proelio, armis decertare (B. G. 1. 50)
    • to take part in the engagement: proelio interesse
    • a bloody battle: proelium cruentum, atrox
    • a pitched battle: proelium iustum (opp. tumultuarium)
    • the lines charge in battle one on another: proelio concurritur (Sall. Iug. 59)
    • to fight a pitched, orderly battle with an enemy: iusto (opp. tumultuario) proelio confligere cum hoste (Liv. 35. 4)
    • the issue of the battle is undecided: proelium anceps est
    • to be defeated in fight, lose the battle: proelio vinci, superari, inferiorem, victum discedere
    • to come off victorious: superiorem (opp. inferiorem), victorem (proelio, pugna) discedere
    • to gain a victory, win a battle: proelio vincere