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  • IPA(key): /ˈprɔ.ʂɛ/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɔʂɛ
  • Syllabification: pro‧szę



  1. please! Used to make a polite request.
    Proszę wyrzucić śmieci.Please take out the trash.
  2. come in! Used to invite someone in to a room.
  3. have at! Used to encourage someone to do something.
  4. pardon? Used to ask someone to repeat what they just said.
    Synonym: słucham
  5. hello? Used to answer the phone.
    Synonyms: halo, słucham
  6. excuse me? Used as a general polite vocative in conjunction with a title. [+accusative = to whom one is speaking]
    Nie zrobiłem zadania domowego, proszę paniI didn't do my homework, miss.
    Dobrze zrozumiałem, proszę pana.I understood correctly, sir.
    Jestem niewinny, proszę Wysokiego Sądu.I'm innocent, your Honor.
  7. you're welcome Used in response to thank you.
  8. here you are Used when handing someone something.
    Synonym: masz
  9. (sometimes duplicated) well, well, well Used in mild surprise to something.
    Proszę, proszę! Jednak przyszedłeś.Well, well, well, you came after all...

Usage notes[edit]

The form proszę panią is proscribed in sense #6, and the form proszę pani is recommended instead.



  1. first-person singular present of prosić

Further reading[edit]

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  • proszę in Polish dictionaries at PWN