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pseudo- +‎ Macedonism. For more, see pseudo- and Macedonia.


pseudomacedonism (uncountable)

  1. The practice of Slavo-Macedonian nationalism which appropriates the name, symbolism and history of ancient (Greek) Macedonia.
    • 2007 2007-07-15, “The Pseudomacedonian Fascism”,, Usenet:
      The unity of selected, falsified cultural heritages of the subjugated peoples represents the muddy historical ground for Pseudomacedonism.
    • 2008 2008-09-27, V. Gligorijevic, “The Early Pseudomacedonism: A Legacy of Bulgarian Irredentism”[1], American Chronicle: 
    • 2008 2008-11-15, Vasko Gligorijevic, “The Anatomy of a Big Lie: Nationalistic Ideology and FYROM”[2], American Chronicle: 
      The ideology of Pseudomacedonism is based on faulty historiographic premises, the key of which are: ...
    • 2009 2009-03-03, SPN, “The Rosetta Stone Hoax: Pseudomacedonism’s Sharpest Tool”[3]: 
      But the whole circus of Pseudomacedonism would not represent an integral mechanism without an invention of literature bridging the worlds firmly separated by content, space and time.
    • 2009 2009-03-18, “RADKO demands crackdown on PseudoMacedonism[4], History of 
      RADKO, the right-wing Bulgarian organization in FYROM demanded end to the Pseudomacedonism by sending a 28 page petition to the Government, President’s office, Constitutional Court in which a historical and political argument is given.