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pseudo- +‎ space


pseudospace (countable and uncountable, plural pseudospaces)

  1. That which appears to be space or a space, or has only some aspects of space.
    • Isaac Asimov
      According to the technical description, it "produces an exponential condition of space, so that a finite distance in normal, linear space may become infinite in pseudospace."
    • John Reed Club. New York Branch, Partisan review: Volume 41
      How does the novel realize spatiality? Other art forms such as painting or cinema fill out a sort of pseudospace: the work can imitate, more or less accurately, the space of the world []
    • 1981, Guy Ankerl, Géza Ankerl, Experimental sociology of architecture
      A closed surface without boundary curves could consist of one or more roomraums, or even just a pseudospace (eg, Klein's bottle).
    • 2010, Melissa Aronczyk, Devon Powers, Blowing Up the Brand: Critical Perspectives on Promotional Culture (page 103)
      Throughout US malls, similar pseudospaces involving the commodification of space have been built [] Rio Hondo is lacking in pseudospaces — there are no carousels, fountains, or special decorations to be found.