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From psycho- +‎ politics.


psychopolitics (uncountable)

  1. The interaction between human psychology and politics.
    • 2001, Hein Marais, South Africa: Limits to Change, p. 16:
      As O'Meara has shown, the NP would become viewed through the prism of ideology and cod psycho-politics.
    • 2002, Gerald H Gaynor, Innovation by Design, p. 65:
      Psychopolitics is a condition shaped by the human relations school of management, in which social relations take precendence over customers and clients and where process becomes king at the expense of productivity.
    • 2009, Mark Jarmuth, The Psychology of American Fascism, p. 139:
      By psychopolitics, Sykes means the synthesis of Freudian and neo-Marxian views.