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Probably from Vulgar Latin pulla, feminine form of Latin pullus (offspring, child, cub, chick, etc.). Compare Aromanian pulã, Catalan and Spanish polla, also Dalmatian pula. An alternate, and less likely, etymology derives it from a Vulgar Latin root *pūbula, from pūbes.



pulă f (plural pule or puli)

  1. (vulgar slang) dick, cock (the penis)
    A zâmbit când am pus mâna între coapsele lui și am început să-i dezmierd pula.
    He smiled when I put my hand between his thighs and started to stroke his dick.
  2. (vulgar, derogatory, used among friends) dick, dickhead
    Măi pulă, ce faci la opt?
    Hey dickhead, what are you doing at eight?
  3. (vulgar) nobody
    Pula știe.
    Nobody knows.

Usage notes[edit]

Although the plural form pule is that which would be found in a dictionary, puli and the other forms based on this plural are more common in spoken language, in part due to the odd sounding duplication of the /e/ sound in pulele.




  1. fuck no (a short, vulgar answer in the negative)
    "Ai ceva bani?" "Pula."
    Do you have any money ? Fuck no.


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