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Alternative forms[edit]


Unknown. Possibly from earlier polcher, which according to Walde-Hoffman and Pokorny reflects Proto-Indo-European *perḱ- (motley, variegated), with dissimilation *perḱ-ro-s > *pelḱ-ro-s, which would make it cognate to Sanskrit पृश्नि (pṛ́śni). De Vaan[1] rejects that connection as both irregular and semantically incompatible/tenuous, and assigns no known etymology.



pulcher (feminine pulchra, neuter pulchrum, comparative pulchrior, superlative pulcherrimus, adverb pulchrē); first/second-declension adjective (nominative masculine singular in -er)

  1. beautiful, fair, pretty
    Synonyms: bellus, fōrmōsus
  2. (figuratively) noble, honorable, excellent


First/second-declension adjective (nominative masculine singular in -er).

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative pulcher pulchra pulchrum pulchrī pulchrae pulchra
Genitive pulchrī pulchrae pulchrī pulchrōrum pulchrārum pulchrōrum
Dative pulchrō pulchrō pulchrīs
Accusative pulchrum pulchram pulchrum pulchrōs pulchrās pulchra
Ablative pulchrō pulchrā pulchrō pulchrīs
Vocative pulcher pulchra pulchrum pulchrī pulchrae pulchra

Derived terms[edit]


  • Catalan: pulcre
  • French: poucre (dialectal)
  • Italian: pulcro
  • Portuguese: pulcro
  • Spanish: pulcro


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