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Commutative diagram of a pullback in category theory.


pull +‎ back


pullback (plural pullbacks)

  1. The act or result of pulling back; a withdrawal.
  2. (film) The act of drawing a camera back to broaden the visible scene.
  3. That which holds back, or causes to recede; a drawback; a hindrance.
  4. (architecture) The iron hook fixed to a casement to pull it shut, or to hold it partly open at a fixed point.
  5. (finance) A reduction in the price of a financial instrument after reaching a peak
  6. (category theory) Given a pair of morphisms f:X\rightarrow Z and g: Y\rightarrow Z with a common codomain, Z, their pullback is a pair of morphisms p_1:P\rightarrow X and p_2:P\rightarrow Y as well as their common domain, P, such that the equation  f\circ p_1 = g\circ p_2 is satisfied, and for which there is the universal property that for any other object Q for which there are also morphisms q_1: Q\rightarrow X, q_2: Q\rightarrow Y; there is a unique morphism u: Q\rightarrow P such that  p_1\circ u = q_1 and p_2 \circ u = q_2.


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