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Etymology 1[edit]


From the plural of pusdiena (noon), with the meaning changed from “noon” to “midday meal.”


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pusdienas f (4th declension)

  1. lunch (the midday meal, usually the largest meal in Latvia; also, the time or occasion of this meal)
    bagātīgas pusdienashearty lunch
    gatavot pusdienasto cook, prepare lunch
    klāt pusdienu galduto set the lunch table
    ap vieniem dienā parasti ēdam pusdienaswe usually eat lunch around one (o'clock) p.m.
    lūdzu, lūdzu, nelieciet pusdienām atdzistplease, please, don't let the lunch get cold
    Aivars un vēl pāris zēnu neēda pusdienas skolāAivars and another couple of boys don't eat lunch at school
    pusdienas arī vakarā paliek galvenā ēdiena reize, un tajās var gatavot vienu vai divus ēdienuslunch remains the main meal also in winter, and for it one may cook one or two dishes
    no darbnīcām sāka plūst ārā strādnieki un meistari, kas steidzās pusdienāsfrom the workshops workers and craftsmen started flowing, rushing to lunch
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Etymology 2[edit]

A form of pusdiena (noon)


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pusdienas f

  1. genitive singular form of pusdiena
  2. nominative plural form of pusdiena
  3. vocative plural form of pusdiena
  4. accusative plural form of pusdiena