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quartz +‎ -o- +‎ feldspathic


quartzofeldspathic (comparative more quartzofeldspathic, superlative most quartzofeldspathic)

  1. Containing quartz and feldspar.
    • 1982 November 26, R. N. Brothers, M. Delaloye, “Obducted ophiolites of North Island, New Zealand: origin, age, emplacement and tectonic implications for Tertiary and Quaternary volcanicity”, in New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, volume 25, number 2, ISSN 0028-8306, page 258:
      These igneous suites may represent nearshore phases of the major offshore ophiolite accumulations, and the presence of micaceous quartzofeldspathic sandstones is similar to lithologic associations in some parts of the Matakaoa Volcanics at East Cape (Pirajno 1980).