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queef +‎ -er


queefer (plural queefers)

  1. (slang, vulgar) Someone who queefs.
    • re: so how does al qaeda in yemen get their funding? by ransoms paid by the iran, china and ... Group: alt.politics.democrats
      i have been saying since day one that you are a fucking moron, queefer.
    • 2002 TR Re: Opie & Anthony Group: alt.fan.howard-stern
      I know that Howard's had more than his share of farters/queefers on the air, but he just handles it better, if that makes any sense (not that it's "A" material when he does it, either).
    • 1995 my name is Re: Suck my dick Group: misc.forsale.computers.pc-specific.cards.video
      You are nothing but a bunch of anal queefers