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From Spanish cuerda (cord), or Mexican Spanish cuarta (whip).



quirt (plural quirts)

  1. A rawhide whip plaited with two thongs of buffalo hide.
    • about 1900, O. Henry, Hygeia at the Solito
      He sprang into the saddle easily as a bird, got the quirt from the horn, and gave his pony a slash with it.
    • 1912, Zane Grey, Riders of the Purple Sage, Chapter 3
      He paused a moment and flicked a sage-brush with his quirt.
    • 1920, Peter B. Kyne, The Understanding Heart, Chapter I:
      [] when the young man whirled his horse, “hazed” Jupiter in circles and belaboured him with a rawhide quirt, [] He ceased his cavortings []
    • 1973, Kyril Bonfiglioli, Don't Point That Thing at Me, Penguin (2001), page 96:
      She raised the handle of her beautiful quirt to her eyes and scanned the Western horizon.
    • 1994, Cormac McCarthy, The Crossing:
      He rode his horse with the reins tied and he wore a pistol at his belt and a plain flatcrowned hat of a type no longer much seen in that country and he wore tooled boots to his knees and carried a quirt.



quirt (third-person singular simple present quirts, present participle quirting, simple past and past participle quirted)

  1. To strike with a quirt.