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From Late Old Norse reikna, which is borrowed from Middle Low German rekenen. Cognate with Icelandic reikna.


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räkna (present räknar, preterite räknade, supine räknat, imperative räkna)

  1. to count; to enumerate the digits of one's numeral system.
    Kan du räkna till hundra?
    Can you count to a hundred?
  2. to count; to determine a number
  3. count; to consider something an example of something.
    Jag räknar äpplen som en sorts frukt.
    I count apples as a type of fruit.
  4. to calculate; to perform a calculation
  5. to count on somebody, rely on somebody
    Jag räknar med att du är där och sköter dig.I'm counting on you being there and behaving.
    Jag räknar med dig.I'm counting on you.


Related terms[edit]