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Particularly: “Arabic”


rabi (plural rabis)

  1. the spring harvest in India and Pakistan
    • c.1885, A.L.O.E. The Wondrous Sickle
      ...I made out that he would be here before the rabi harvest is ripe; the corn is green enough yet, but I thought that after work I would come over here to meet him.



From German rauben, Polish rabować.


rabi (present rabas, past rabis, future rabos, conditional rabus, volitive rabu)

  1. (transitive) take from someone by force or threat, rob


Derived terms[edit]

  • rabaĵo (something acquired by robbery)
  • rabinto (robber (one who has committed a robbery))
  • rabisto (robber (one who makes a living by robbery))
  • rabo (a robbery)