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From rain +‎ burn, by analogy with sunburn.


rainburn (uncountable)

  1. (humorous) A notional burn on the skin caused by excess exposure to heavy rain.
    • 1991 June 13, "Mark Grundy" (username), "Plot Seeds/Story: Undead of Purditory", in rec.games.frp, Usenet:
      It started with neck and upper body sores that looked a bit like rainburn - but usually they had only two or three of them.
    • 2002 May 31, "old dobbin" (username), "wild garlic overdose? (long)", in uk.rec.equestrian, Usenet:
      I have seen sunburn/windburn and 'rainburn' affect horses over the years but this did not fit any of those causes []
    • 2005, Martin Sketchley, Affinity Trap:
      He peered out, glancing at the sky. 'We'd better get under cover before it starts raining,' he said, breathing heavily. 'We don't want to get rainburn.'

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