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rank-and-file (uncountable)

  1. Alternative spelling of rank and file
    • 2022 April 25, Kate Conger, “Twitter Employees Search for Answers as Musk Deal Takes Shape”, in The New York Times[1], →ISSN:
      But Mr. Musk also has fans among Twitter’s rank-and-file, and some employees have welcomed his bid.


rank-and-file (not comparable)

  1. Belonging or pertaining to the rank and file.
    • 1962 September, G. Freeman Allen, “The New Look in Scotland's Northern Division—1”, in Modern Railways, page 164:
      The morale of the rank-and-file Highland railwaymen has remained remarkably high, in view of the extent to which the London press and many an English M.P. have already discarded their railways.
    • 2019 July 15, Greg Afinogenov, “The Jewish Case for Open Borders”, in Jewish Currents[2], number Summer 2019:
      Rank-and-file progressives don’t usually think of the immigration policies they support—expanding refugee quotas, easing restrictions on some classes of immigrants, and ending family separation—as an endorsement of detention, deportation, and racialized terror.