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razzle (third-person singular simple present razzles, present participle razzling, simple past and past participle razzled)

  1. To dazzle or disorient
    • 1993, Scott Russell Sanders, The Paradise of Bombs[1], →ISBN, page 14:
      My sister had the good sense to keep mum about our babysitter's stories, but I was so razzled by hopes of meeting with these aliens and learning their world-saving secrets that I blabbed about the possibility to my mother, who quickly wormed the entire chronicle from me.
    • 2005, April 28, “Jay Mariotti”, in While Wizards talk, upstart Bulls just shut up and play[2]:
      "We got razzled," said Wizards center Brendan Haywood, inventing a word on a night when he did little else. "It's the playoffs. You've got to play."

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