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Alternative forms[edit]


Deverbal from read out.



readout (plural readouts)

  1. A display, particularly one that presents numerical data.
    Her company retrofitted its manual machine tools with digital readouts.
  2. The information, usually a measurement, shown on such a display.
    The density is measured by the readout from a hydrometer.
  3. (computing) The information output from a computer in a readable form.
    The computer readout was inaccurate.
  4. An account of the topics discussed in a meeting, especially in diplomatic or political contexts.
    Most of us first found out when we heard the readout from the summit meeting.

Usage notes[edit]

In computing contexts, because "read" is an input operation, the term "readout" is self-contradictory; nevertheless, the word has gained widespread currency, because of the clear analogy with a person reading out — that is, reading out loud to others (reciting) — from a text. When modishness is not desired, the simple term "display" is likely to be more appropriate.