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rebrobate (third-person singular simple present rebrobates, present participle rebrobating, simple past and past participle rebrobated)

  1. Disapprove of
    • 1826, Daniel Webster, "Adams and Jefferson", in Lewis Gaylord Clark, Wilbur M. Hayward, eds., The Life, Eulogy, and Great Orations of Daniel Webster, 1854
      The country, it may safely be added, is not likely to be willing either to approve, or to rebrobate, indiscriminately, and in the aggregate, all the measures of either or of any, administration.


rebrobate (comparative more rebrobate, superlative most rebrobate)

  1. Lost, abandoned
    • 1749, Jonathan Edwards, "Inquiry concerning Qualifications for Communion"
      Mr. Stoddard says, "This person that had not a wedding garment, was a reprobate but every one that partakes of the Lord's supper without grace is not a rebrobate." I answer, all that will be found in the king's house without grace when the king comes in to see the guests, are doubtless reprobates.
    • 1876, James Gibbons, The Faith of Our Fathers, page 218
      God "will render to every man according to his works," — to the pure and unsullied everlasting bliss; to the "rebrobate" eternal damnation; […].

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