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Illustrations of buckets, funnels and other receptacles (sense 1) from Handbook of Ornament (8th ed, 1910?)[1]
The receptacle (sense 2, grey) in relation to the ovary (red) in three types of flowers: hypogynous (I), perigynous (II), and epigynous (III)


From Anglo-Norman receptacle, from Middle French receptacle(organ containing a fluid; gathering place; water basin) (modern French réceptacle), from Latin receptāculum(animal enclosure, container, place of refuge, receptacle, repository, reservoir, shelter), from receptāre(to harbour, to receive, to shelter) or receptō(I receive back or again, I recover), frequentative of recipiō(I receive; I hold back, I reserve) (from re-(back, again) + capiō(I hold)) + -culum(suffix forming nouns from verbs, particularly nouns representing tools and instruments); cognate with Italian recettaculo, ricettaculo, Portuguese receptáculo, Spanish receptáculo.



receptacle ‎(plural receptacles)

  1. A container.
  2. (botany) The part of the flower stalk (peduncle or pedicel) to which the floral parts are attached; thalamus, torus.
    1. In the Asteraceae, the end of the peduncle to which all of the florets of the flower head are attached.
  3. (phycology) A structure at the end of a branch of an alga containing conceptacles (reproductive organs).
  4. (electricity, US) A contact device installed at an outlet for the connection of an attachment plug and flexible cord to supply portable appliances or equipment.



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