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red +‎ bone


redbone (plural redbones)

  1. (US) A dark-red or tan coonhound.
  2. (US, Louisiana) An African American with light skin with red undertones.
    • 1936, LA bulletin: Agricultural Experiment Station of the Louisiana State University & A. & M. College, issues 268-293, page 13:
      Redbones are commonly supposed to represent a fusion of the Indian, Negro, and white races []
    • 2009, Janet Allured, Judith F. Gentry, Louisiana Women: Their Lives and Times, page 122:
      The store attracted countless colorful characters, including Native Americans, wild-cowboy Texans, Chinese laborers, and “redbones,” the offspring of African Americans and Native Americans.
    • 2012, Gerald Duff, Dirty Rice: A Season in the Evangeline League, page 238:
      I can joke about being a redbone, and I am that. But most folks don't make no distinction between a redbone and a colored man, unless it's to their benefit.


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