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an Atlantic redfish, Sebastes fasciatus, one of several species known as redfish


red +‎ fish


redfish (plural redfish or redfishes)

  1. Any of several fish with red skin or flesh.
    1. Sebastes spp., the edible red rockfish.
      1. especially Sebastes norvegicus, found in North American waters, also called rosefish or ocean perch.
    2. A large red edible fish, Sciaenops ocellatus, also called channel bass or red drum.
    3. Lutjanus spp., snappers.
    4. Centroberyx affinis, eastern nannygai.
    5. Etelis oculatus, queen snapper.
    6. Rhomboplites aurorubens, vermillion snapper.
    7. A slimehead, of family Trachichthyidae.
    8. Oncorhynchus nerka, sockeye salmon.

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