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re- +‎ earn


reearn (third-person singular simple present reearns, present participle reearning, simple past and past participle reearned)

  1. To earn back something one has lost.
    • 1998, Marnie Jones, Holy Toledo: Religion and Politics in the Life of "Golden Rule" Jones:
      The pattern was first to isolate the child physically and emotionally when he experienced parental disapproval; second, to allow the child to reearn parental love by insisting that he comply unconditionally to the parents' will.
    • 2000, Bill Farrel, ‎Pam Farrel, Love, Honor & Forgive: A Guide for Married Couples, →ISBN, page 128:
      Carl commented on the need he and Ginny had to reearn one another's trust through a series of successes.
    • 2004, William Longyard, A Speck on the Sea: Epic Voyages in the Most Improbable Vessels, →ISBN:
      When they paused to rest the wind immediately drove them backward, and they had to reearn the distance.
  2. To repeat the process of earning; to renew one's status as deserving.
    • 2001, Lyle E. Schaller, What Have We Learned?: The Best Thinking on Congregational Life, →ISBN:
      One consequence is the need for those in positions of authority to recognize the necessity to earn, reearn, and reearn the trust of their constituency.
    • 2001, Impact of the Application of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 on Selected Industrial Sectors:
      Few, if any, companies will have to reearn a certificate from scratch.
    • 2014, Paul Feigenbaum, Collaborative Imagination: Earning Activism Through Literacy Education, →ISBN:
      Third, this example demonstrates that earning activism at one time is insufficient for sustaining progressive social change against the forces of rhetorical decay; progressives, that is, must not merely earn activism but also continually reearn it.

Alternative forms[edit]