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From re- +‎ enroll.


reenroll (third-person singular simple present reenrolls, present participle reenrolling, simple past and past participle reenrolled)

  1. To enroll again.
    • 1966, Meeting the Basic Needs of First-year 4-H Club Members[1], page 3:
      These young people, chosen at random, had been in 4-H Club work for 1 year, but had not reenrolled for the second.
    • 1988 May 13, Richard J. Nitti, “Our Gang Problem”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      After a difficult period with some successes, she reenrolled in school.
    • 2006, John F. Pane, Student Displacement in Louisiana After the Hurricanes of ...[3], →ISBN, page 16:
      In addition, some students who reenrolled in school subsequently left the Louisiana public school system.