relative future tense

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relative future tense (plural relative future tenses)

  1. A special form of future tense used in Celtic languages after certain conjunctions and pronouns, e.g. Scottish Gaelic cuin (when), ma (if) or (what).
    Cuiridh mi sin ann. - I'll put it there.
    Chan eil fhios agam cuin a chuireas mi sin ann. - I don't know when I will put it there.
    Feumaidh mi sin a dhèanamh. - I'll have do that.
    Dèan sin, ma dh'fheumas tu. - Do that, if you'll have to.
    Cluinnidh sinn e. - We will hear it.
    Chan eil sinn cinnteach dè a chluinneas sinn. - We are not certain what we will hear.