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From remiss +‎ -ness.



remissness (countable and uncountable, plural remissnesses)

  1. The characteristic of being remiss
    Synonyms: carelessness, negligence, tardiness
    • 1644, John Milton, Aeropagitica:
      Impunity and remissenes, for certain are the bane of a Commonwealth, but here the great art lyes to discern in what the law is to bid restraint and punishment, and in what things perswasion only is to work.
    • 1809, William Guthrie, An Historical Account of the Lives and Characters of Mr. William Guthrie, &c. &c. With Lord Warriston's Speech before the Assembly at Westminster. Also an Account of the Battle of Bothwell-Bridge [by William Wilson], Kilmarnock: Printed by H. & S. Crawford, for Joseph Graham, & Co., OCLC 315352274, page 64:
      Sir, this should teach us to be as tender, zealous and careful to assert Christ and his church, their privileges and rights, and to forewarn all lest they endanger their souls by encroaching thereon, and lest their omissions and remissness bring eternal premunires upon them, let all know that the spirit of your Master is upon you []
    • 1842, Edgar Allan Poe, The Mystery of Marie Rogêt:
      I have copied them chiefly to show you the extreme remissness of the police, who, as far as I can understand from the Prefect, have not troubled themselves, in any respect, with an examination of the naval officer alluded to.