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From re- +‎ monter.




  1. to go back up, to come back up, to climb again, to reclimb
  2. (of temperature, water level etc) to rise again, to go up again
  3. (of clothing) to go up, to ride up
  4. to go back, to return
    remonter le fil du temps — to go back in time
  5. to go back, to date back (à to)
  6. to take back up, to bring back up, to put back up
  7. to get back in, to get back on, to get back onboard
  8. to turn back up

Usage notes[edit]

  • This verb uses the auxiliary verb avoir when used transitively (or with a transitive sense, even when the complement is omitted); otherwise (when it is intransitive), it uses être.


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