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renig (third-person singular simple present renigs, present participle renigging, simple past and past participle renigged)

  1. (US, colloquial, dated) To renege.
    • 1897, Munsey's Magazine (volume 16, page 559)
      My partner held the winning trick, and when the last card was on the board the score stood four to four. [] [T]he next gentleman will kindly follow suit — there is no renigging in this game — and the gentleman on my right will do the same.
    • 1900, William Hardcastle Browne, Odd Derivations of Words, Phrases, Slang, Synonyms and Proverbs
      [] cutting, shuffling, playing, revoking, discarding, renigging.
    • 1916, Phi Alpha Gamma Quarterly (volume 15, issue 2, page 41)
      [] but so far the girls have at the fatal moment renigged.


  • OED 2nd edition 1989