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re- +‎ spawn


respawn (third-person singular simple present respawns, present participle respawning, simple past and past participle respawned)

  1. (video games, of a collected item, weapon or other pickup) To reappear at its spawn point.
  2. (video games, of a character) To re-enter play after being killed.
    • 2009 September 17, Pinsent Masons, “Hidden Flash cookies track even opt-out users on web's biggest sites”, in Out-law[1], retrieved 2014-04-24:
      Some top 100 websites are circumventing user deletion of HTTP cookies by respawning them using Flash cookies with identical values, …
    • 2014 March 25, Angela Watercutter, “Tom Cruise Respawns Into Alien War in New Edge of Tomorrow Trailer”, in Wired[2], retrieved 2014-04-24:
      How and why he gets stuck in this constant respawn cycle is a bit unclear, …



respawn (plural respawns)

  1. (video games) The reappearance of an item; the situation where something is respawned.
    • 2014, Jeff W. Murray, C# Game Programming Cookbook for Unity 3D (page 339)
      The race controller will check for a trigger hit between this player's collider and the start/finish line trigger, but this script has an OnTriggerEnter function to check for triggers used to force a respawn.