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The term is attributed to Alan Levy, an expatriate and editor-in-chief of The Prague Post, from 1990 to his death in 2004.


rex-pat (plural rex-pats)

  1. (US, idiomatic) A repeat expatriate, one who becomes ex-patriated a second time.
    • 2004. Alan Levy, in the film Rex-patriates, and quoted by The Prague Post: What's a Rex-pat[1]:
      A rex-pat is a returning expatriate, an ex-pat has been here, goes home to America, takes a job, maybe goes to law school, maybe does well in America but can't get Prague out of his or her blood and returns to Prague to live again.
    • ca2007. Phylis Gardner The Prague Post: What's a Rex-pat[2]:
      Well what Levy calls rex-pats are nothing more than expats who went home and simply couldn't make it. The failures in question return to Prague because the city allows them to live in a sort of perpetual adolescence. In my research I've discovered that something like 28% of all Prague ex-pats who leave the city return within two years, a terrifying statistic.

Alternative forms[edit]