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Women, or "biker bitches", would ride behind their male companions on a motorcycle in biker gang caravans.


ride bitch (third-person singular simple present rides bitch, present participle riding bitch, simple past rode bitch, past participle ridden bitch)

  1. (slang) To be a passenger in the pillion of a motorcycle.
    • 1997, Richard La Plante, Hog Fever, page 248
      I got my bath and my dry jeans, and after dinner Junior got to ride bitch. I insisted he wear the Prussian helmet.
    • 2009, Doug Dorst, Alive in Necropolis, link
      “You're riding bitch, bitch,” Bobby said to her.
    • 2010, Steve Hamilton, The Lock Artist, page 88
      Are you gonna make him ride bitch?” “Are you gonna make me ride bitch?” “You used to love riding behind me, remember? Wrap your arms around me? Whaddya say?” I knew this was way beyond reasonable.
  2. (slang) To be a passenger in the middle seat of a car with two others at either side.
  3. (slang, figuratively) To act in a subordinate sense to another.

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