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Etymology 1[edit]

ring (verb) +‎ out (adverb)


ring out (third-person singular simple present rings out, present participle ringing out, simple past rang out, past participle rung out)

  1. To sound clearly and loudly.
    Suddenly, a shot rang out and someone screamed.
    • 1987, The Pogues (lyrics and music), “Fairytale of New York”:
      The boys of the NYPD choir were singing "Galway Bay" / And the bells were ringing out for Christmas day
    • 1922 October 26, Virginia Woolf, chapter 3, in Jacob’s Room, Richmond, London: [] Leonard & Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press, →OCLC; republished London: The Hogarth Press, 1960, →OCLC:
      A terrifying volley of pistol-shots rings out—cracks sharply; ripples spread— silence laps smooth over sound
    • 2012, Charles E. Davis, My Life, My Son "Big L" and Family Values, page 61:
      Now mind you Todd is 6ft 2in and Lt. Jose 5 ft. 9in, he started walking toward Jose, the first shot ringed out then another it all happen so fast!
  2. (telephony) To make a phone call from an internal phone system to a general telephone network number.
    You can ring out if you dial 9 first and wait for the tone before dialling the number.
  3. (sound engineering) To equalize a sound system to eliminate feedback.
    • 1996, Scott Hunter Stark, Live Sound Reinforcement, page 110:
      The objective of ringing-out a system is (believe it or not) to get as many frequencies as possible to ring at the same time as the system goes past its gain-before-feedback limit.
    • 2017, Hayden Nicholas, Rock Bottom, page 43:
      I've got to get these mic lines set up and ringed out.
  4. (finance) To eliminate the middlemen in a circular pattern of transactions.
    • 1894, United States. Congress, Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the Fifty-Third Congress, Second Session (volume 26, part 7, page 6484)
      By section 7 a penalty is provided for any “ringing out” of contracts for future delivery.
    • 1930, The Practical Handbook of Business and Finance, page 434:
      Contracts in stocks w.i. (when issued—see When Issued) are also ringed out in the same manner as contracts in futures in grain, cotton, coffee, etc.
    • 2003, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History, volume 5, page 388:
      On the CBOT, ringing out was voluntary, while on the New York Cotton Exchange, it was compulsory.

Etymology 2[edit]

Calque of Japanese リングアウト (ringu auto), equivalent to English ring (noun) +‎ out (verb)


ring out (plural ring outs)

  1. (video games) A win in a fighting game obtained by throwing one's opponent out of the arena.
    • 2003, Michael Lummis, Soul Calibur II Official Fighter's Guide Limited Edition, page 105:
      Even when Heihachi doesn't score a ring out with these combos, almost half of an enemy's health disappears []


ring out (third-person singular simple present rings out, present participle ringing out, simple past and past participle ringed out)

  1. (video games, transitive, intransitive) To throw (an opponent) out of the arena, thereby winning.