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river-water (countable and uncountable, plural river-waters)

  1. Alternative form of river water
    • 2012, Francis A. Gunther, Residue Reviews: Residues of Pesticides and other Contaminants in the Total Environment, →ISBN:
      In such a process the dammed up river-water passes over cascades (for aeration) into gravel pre-filters, is collected at the end of said filters and, after repeated aeration, brought onto sand filters.
    • 2013, Olav Slaytnaker, Fluv Geom: Geom Crit Conc Vol, →ISBN:
      The presence of widespread lateritic formations has been thought to indicate very high rates of silica removal in tropical environments, G.V. Bogomolov et al. (1966) asserting that the silica content of tropical river-waters is greater than that of open streams in higher latitudes, and N.M. Strakhov (1967) noting that the migrational capacity of SiO2 is particularly high in the humid tropics.
    • 2015, Christian O'Neill, Back Roads Kingdom: Book One of the Back Roads Cycle, →ISBN:
      She spit out a mouthful of sand that tasted like Grape Nuts soaked in river-water.