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From road +‎ -ie.



roadie (plural roadies)

  1. One of the crew for a musical group or other travelling stage production, especially a stagehand or technician.
  2. (colloquial) A cyclist who rides on the roads rather than off-road.
  3. (colloquial) An alcoholic beverage for the ride, for consumption while one is driving.
    • 2006, PartyEarth LLC, Party Italy, p. 64:
      Sit outside after dinner, and grab a couple of drinks before hitting the dance floor and putting the night in motion. You can even get a roadie for the trip over.
    • 2015, Jay Keefe, And Drink I Did:
      If there was any wine at home, I'd make sure I'd bring a “roadie” with me when I left the house.
    • 2016, Gregory Ross, Confessions of Fraternity Days:
      The ladies brought some wine coolers. I was glad I brought a roadie.