rocket ship

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Alternative forms[edit]


From 1809.


rocket ship (plural rocket ships)

  1. A spacecraft propelled by a rocket engine.
  2. A ship armed with rockets.
    • 1837, William James, The Naval History of Great Britain, From the Declaration of War by France in 1793, to the Accession of George IV, v 6, London: Richard Bentley, p 320:
      At about 3 P.M., the four bomb-vessels and rocket-ship weighed, and stood further in; the latter, to give effect to her rockets, much nearer than the others.
    • 2006, Norman Davies, No simple victory: World War II in Europe, 1939–1945, New York: Penguin, p 447:
      And there was a further group, including Jean-Paul Sartre (1905–80), who had been a POW in Germany, and William Golding (1911–93), who had commanded a Royal Navy rocket ship, who were propelled by the ordeals of war to examine the complexities of human nature and human society.