room for a pony

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From the British television comedy series, Keeping Up Appearances (1990–1995), wherein social climber Hyacinth Bucket constantly and variously describes her sister Violet, who married well, as “the one with the [] and room for a pony”.


room for a pony (uncountable)

  1. (chiefly Britain, humorous) minimum trappings of the minor landed gentry
    • 1996, Gary W. Dowsett, Practicing Desire: Homosexual Sex in the Era of AIDS, Stanford University Press, →ISBN, page 264:
      Eventually he fell in love, and by age twenty was living in a gay couple, complete with house, garden, swimming pool, and room for a pony.
    • 2002, E. T. Rishe, Timeless Acres, iUniverse, 978-0-595-25068-4, page 47:
      [] In the back yard, we have a screened terrace, a swimming pool, a swing set and room for a pony.” His grin was boyish as she, too, smiled at the oblique reference to the popular British comedy ‘Keeping up Appearances’.
    • 2006, Patricia Kennedy, The Irreverent Guide to Real Estate: Buying, Selling and Making Money, iUniverse, →ISBN, page 5:
      One craves the excitement of being right downtown, while the other wants an up-county farmette with a swimming pool and room for a pony.